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Ken's Itinerary

Rutland, VT

Jun 18, 2022 - Jul 15, 2022

Erie, PA

Jul 16, 2022

Chicago, IL

Jul 17, 2022

I'm spending my spring reliving my childhood vacations throughout New England. Will it be awesome? Or has too much time passed? #Roadbits #DigitalNomad

I wish Airbnbs listed their #walkscore. My current place in Central Massachusetts has a score of 3, whereas my stay in Alameda, CA, had a score of 89. The difference is noticeable in my day-to-day exercise and happiness. #Airbnb #Digitalnomad #Roadbits

I had a great time dogsitting Summer & Biscuit in Colorado this winter! More important, it taught my friend the joys of having a dog in one's life. Thanks to @Housesitting for the opportunity! #Roadbits #DigitalNomad

Anyone ever been to @trooseveltnps — our country's only national park named after a person? I'm thinking of hiking the Caprock Coulee Trail this Thursday, weather permitting. #FindYourPark #DigitalNomad #Roadbits

I just calculated my total housing costs for 2021. I spent 52% more than in 2020. 😱

I knew California & Colorado would be expensive places to live. But #Airbnb's overall prices have gone up, too. #Digitalnomad #Roadbits

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