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I’m a forty-something project manager for Automattic, the developers of WordPress VIP. After living in Massachusetts my entire life, I found myself with a remote job and no property, partners, pets, or dependents. On September 30, 2019, I took advantage of this rare moment by canceling my lease, putting all my possessions into storage, and setting out to travel the country and world as a digital nomad.

When I embarked on this lifestyle, I discovered many of my friends and family had never heard the term “digital nomad”. They had so many questions: Where will you stay? How will you work? Is it expensive? What are you looking for? When will you be back?

Five months later, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, changing the way we all live and travel. Instead of sticking to an itinerary planned a year out, I’m now making decisions week by week.

While this seems an odd time in our global history to launch a travel blog, I want to capture why I’m nomading, how I prepared for this adventure, the experiences I’ve since had, and how I’m navigating the challenges still to come. Posts I’d already drafted, such as “How to meet people the road”, will be shelved or rewritten for these new, uncertain times. The page where I outline my current whereabouts and upcoming stops will likely be updated far more often than I expected.

Whether you want to learn about being a digital nomad or to follow my travels, Roadbits is where I’ll share my experiences and lessons as I reflect on where I’ve been, what I’m doing, and how I’m getting by. The site’s “about” page has more information about who I am, what a digital nomad is, and where else you can follow me.

Join me on the road virtually while staying safe at home!

Friend, stranger, passerby? I’m glad you’re here! Leave a comment so I know you’re on this adventure with me!

(Photo by T.J. Awrey)

Ken Gagne

Digital nomad, Apple II geek, vegetarian, teacher, cyclist, feminist, Automattician.

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  1. Hi Ken, I’m glad to see up and running, I’ve been looking forward to following your adventure. Thanks for taking the time to make the posts!

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